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HGH growth hormone

Although HGH is a growth hormone that naturally occurs in the human body and whose uses are as diverse as they are important, it is the use of the synthetically developed hormone that has gained the most traction. The naturally occurring hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland is responsible for growth spurts in children and adolescents as well as being used by the body to help in the regulation of the body composition, muscle and bone growth, body fluids, fat and sugar metabolism and even in ensuring optimal heart function. For this reason synthetic production of HGH started in 1985 after FDA approval with the aim of using it to treat stunted growth in children and short bowel syndrome, muscle-wasting diseases such as those associated with HIV and HGH deficiency in adults.

However, as is with the case of most growth hormones, people found other uses that were outside of these regulated uses. Today most people use HGH as a performance-enhancing drug after claims that the growth hormone can reverse the body’s biological clock, strengthen the immune system, restore hair growth, build muscle, reduce fat, increase energy, regulate blood sugar, improve memory, vision, sleep quality and one’s life in general. The media has just fallen short of labelling it the fountain of youth. All this hype has resulted in people seeking it in droves and injections of the synthetic HGH such as Genotropin can cost you up to thousands of dollars coupled with the fact that you need a prescription for it although people do find ways to get around this and can normally find a reliable supplier online. The prices can vary from one supplier to the next so make sure you check out a few online before making your final purchase.

The cost however is not the only reason, you should balk at the idea to buy HGH especially if it is not specifically prescribed by a medical practitioner as experts report that there is very little evidence that supports the claims that otherwise healthy individuals can get back their youth and vitality through its use. In fact, it is recommended against using it to try and treat age-related conditions. For those with diagnosed growth hormone deficiency which is quite rare, the prescription of HGH will certainly help in increasing bone density, muscle mass, exercise capacity and body fat. The use of HGH in healthy adults may very well help increase muscle mass and even reduce one’s body fat but this does absolutely not translate to increased strength and the results may not be final. Additionally, until more evidence is found that proves the benefits of HGH UK as well as regulating its use, it would be better to just eat healthy and train like a beast until you do see the desired results.